Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
My cute exercising family!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Everyone needs a little inspiration....

http://eatcleandiet.com/community/success_stories.aspx Here is a link to my fav exercise hero, Tosca Reno, and her list of inspirational stories...SO AWESOME!!! It was super motivating to me, hope it is to you as well. Best!

Try some new Cardio for Fall!

Mix up the cardio! Keep those muscles in a constant state of confusion. Alot of us, well, maybe just me, are fair weather runners...I hate being outside in the cold. I have seen alot of movement indoors recently at the gym. So, now that you are inside more, try a new type of cardio. If you have been running all spring and summer, mix it up! Take a class, spin, or Zumba...shake it, baby!

Cardio, is cardio, is cardio, is cardio...no one is better than another...so have fun, push yourself and your comfort zone and get your sweat on! Best health, Ruthann

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scrumptious Swiss Oats and Fruit Ok, so it won't let me link you right to the recipe, as it is a pdf file. So, this is the home page. Look in the middle under recipes and you will see this recipe.
You all know I LOVE ZONYA! Don't know who she is? You must google Zonya's Health Bites and see if her PBS TV program guide comes up. For me, it is usually Saturday mornings.

So, now that fall is coming, and that cold weather always leaves me wanting something cozy and warm in the mornings, her awesome oatmeal recipe was a must post for my followers! ENJOY!

Been Gone TOO LONG!

Sorry everyone....took a little break from my blog...life gets crazy, ya know?

However....I am back! WAHOO!

I am excited to start posting and spreading some great info and tips again.

Can you all sense Fall in the air? I could totally tell today, just a little chill this morning. I am now gearing up for fall mode. LOVE IT!

How did swimsuit season fair for everyone? If not so great, don't give up! Don't spend another winter hiding under enormous sweaters and sweats...let's start ramping up that metabolism and shed a few pounds before the Holidays. Check back for some great exercise tips and recipies.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ramp up your work out with Plyometrics!

What is Plyometric training?
Plyometric exercises are specialized high intensity training techniques used to develop strength and speed. These exercises enable the muscles to reach the maximum force in the shortest amount of time. These are usually explosive, high intensity muscular contractions, like jumping and hopping. Jumping from the floor to a box, 'Burpee's', explosive jumps in the ...etc.
Adding a set of plyometrics to your routine once or twice a week will show incredible results in balance, increased speed and agility. It is always best to do these drills on some kind of cushioned floor or, grass.
Here are a couple to try!
Balance Drills
The Payoff: Improves balance; strengthens ankle, knee, and hip joints.
1. Jump and Sticks
Jump from and land on the balls of both feet. Jump high, not far. Land with knees bent and hold two to three seconds before jumping again. Alternate jumping 10 yards forward and sideways.
2. Two-Way Hops
Start balanced on your right leg. Hop two to three feet forward onto your left leg. Hold for two seconds to regain balance. Stay facing forward and hop back to the start position onto your right leg. Now hop onto your left again, but move sideways, then back. That's one set. Do three more, then repeat the drill starting on your left leg.