Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
My cute exercising family!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

work that butt!

everyone I talk to wants a cute, high, round,
'pokey out' tush...

 ...try this workout to get it.

*Squeeze those glutes with every rep*
warm up 10 min- cardio your choice
sumo squats - 18 reps with weight, work up to 35lb
butt to ankle squats - arms extended out front - 20 reps

kneeling donkey kicks (on hands and knees)
-kick out behind you, and then up to the ceiling, 20 reps each, alternate legs.

hip raises - weighted, work up to10 lb each hand on hips. Lay on back, keep shoulders on floor, weights on hips. Lift up and squeeze glutes, 10 reps, then lift and do 20 little pulses, do 10 more full up and down raises. Lift and sway side to side for 10 then finish with 10 full raises.

glute curls - lay on your stomach, chin on hands. Hold rolled towel behind knee and bend knee to hold it in place. Extend one leg out flat on floor. Curl leg holding towel in place, in toward your butt, raising hip off the floor, squeeze each rep. 15 reps, move towel to opposite leg and repeat.

Repeat entire sequence 3 times

...finish with 30 min cardio your choice...
getting heart rate to 55-85% of max heart rate.

calculation for finding your Target Heart Rate or THR
220-(your age)-resting heart rate x .70 + resting heart rate = THR (beats/min)

Best health! Ruthann

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