Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
My cute exercising family!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make permanent changes, not temporary fixes.

I am so excited to start this blog! I am a certified fitness trainer, and nutrition enthusiast. More importantly, I am a mother of three and wife to my sweetheart for 18 years. My lifelong obsession with getting and staying in shape started in my teens. I have always strived to stay in good shape and it hasn't always been easy! Losing that post-baby weight was a killer! However, I know that I want to be healthy in my older years. I want to play with my grandkids, travel with my husband, and just feel great! With this blog I hope to inspire and educate all those who struggle with weight and nutrition issues.

So! On this blog, you will find fabulous clean eating recipes, links to my favorite websites, exercises to help burn off that stubborn fat, inspiring quotes from my favorite professionals, and advice from me! Thank you for coming.... Enjoy! Ruthann Sanders, CFT

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