Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
My cute exercising family!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Exercise for you to try!

I am all about 'more bang for the buck' when I exercise. I want to get as many muscles involved in the movement as I can! So, I have a fantastic exercise for you to try....not sure what to call it, so I will name it, 'Bosu Bicep Curls'
Once you have found your max weight to curl, sit on a Bosu Ball, feet up off the ground....
get your balance.....then you are going to curl the biceps, 12 reps, 3 sets...while keeping your feet off the ground. That! is the tricky part! Don't lose your balance!
You engage your whole core the entire time you work...FANTASTIC! TRY IT!


  1. I love this tip! Where can I get a bosu?

  2. Most exercise and athletic equipment stores carry them...I know they have them at the District in Sports Authority. They were selling them at Costco super cheap...I should have bought one then...grrrrr....