Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

colorful plates....
how colorful will you make your meals today?
We all know that eating the appropriate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is a necessary part of a healthy diet...but how much and what are the best choices?
vegetable drawer....include these power packed veggies
red, yellow and green peppers
...i love the bag of mini ones you can get at Costco! awesome snack!...
choose romaine lettuce over iceburg
I have previously posted the link for ChooseMyPlate & healthy eating and what your plate should look like. In a nutshell,...
protein -  the size of your fist, or no more than 5oz women, 6 oz men, half your grains should be whole wheat, 6 oz, and half your plate should be veggies and fruit!
 Fruit can be canned, fresh or frozen.
...make sure to include dairy, 3 cups daily
see this link for guidelines on what counts as 1 cup of dairy
oils...include nuts, salad dressings, fish, cooking oils..see allowances here:
So! make great choices, watch portion sizes and make those plates beautiful today!
Best Health, Ruthann

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