Hiking Ensign Peak

Hiking Ensign Peak
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Friday, September 7, 2012

per-spec-tive - noun
an optical glass, (as a telescope)... to look through
I had an experience last night that helped me to gain this "noun" in my life. I met a sweet 16 year old girl at a craft show last night. 
This is Lillie. She began making the most gorgeous purses while taking chemotherapy for rare bone cancer at our local children's hospital. The doctors and nurses thought that her designs were so wonderful they all bought one and she started a small etsy business. She talked openly and more than that, excitedly, about the decision she made to amputate her left leg at the hip. It pained her constantly, she explained, and she had been on crutches for over 2 years. Once the leg is removed, she will be able to ride her horse, and not be on crutches.
...that word, perspective, kept pounding through my brain as I watched her face...her sweet smile, heard her positive outlook on her future..without her leg!
the other word that went through my brain was triumphant! She was not giving up! she was going to move forward and embrace her life and be happy and positive with her lot.
I am grateful to have met this amazing young woman, she was inspiring to me and I am a better person for that experience.
As promised to Lillie, here is the LillieBdesigns etsy link.
It brought to mind another amazing individual that left a mark on my heart and inspires me every, single time I go to the gym and want to complain about how hard it is...
Oscar Pistorius - 2012 Olympic Summer Games

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